“No End” – the ten years after demo(2009)

It took me (us?) ten years to finalize this one and to finally record the demo (September 2009).

No End (4:02, Matija, for P) 

Sometimes I don’t know what to do…
To love or hate or speak the truth..?
I think it should be spoken…
But our hearts mustn’t fall apart.
Think of us in honest view despite the lies and life…
Today I cried for you, If there’s a need, tomorrow too…

What else should I write for the end, no end for us my friend…

It’s been 10 years since we have sang…
Times have changed and us with them.
Some say growing up…
Or rather only going on…
And being far away.
Thinking ‘bout change or rather changing the way.

What else should I write defend, defend our way my friend…

“Looking for the Rainbow” video, Pod Nadzorom

Pod Nadzorom – “Looking for the Rainbow” (3:01, the Scream demo) – recorded in June 1998 in one take for some 60€, at Karli’s attic in one hour (photos by Nika; video compiled by Matija in January 2007).

Make it loud and enjoy our youth spirit! : )

POD NADZOROM – The “Scream” demo (1998)

Once upon a time there was a grunge band called Pod nadzorom (i.e. under surveillance) – Matija  (guitar, vocals), Primoz (bass, back vocals), Karli (drums).

We were playing together for some two years.  I think we had some 4 or 5 gigs and we managed to record a demo of nine of our songs, called Scream (“Krik”).  It was recorded in June 1998 in one take for some 60€, at Karli’s attic. The songs can be listened below.

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun… Thank you, friends!

1. Zbudi se (2:36, Pod nadzorom) 
2. A’J TAK? (3:36, Pod nadzorom)
3. Looking for the Rainbow (3:01, Pod nadzorom)
4. Nesmrtni spev (2:20, Pod nadzorom)
5. Rešitelji vstopite (2:29, Pod nadzorom)
6. Dej kesh! (2:39, Pod nadzorom)
7. Zaklad (3:05, Pod nadzorom)
8. Uživaj dan (3:31, Pod nadzorom)
9. Past (instrumental) (2:39, Pod nadzorom)