Living On! Fighting HIV/AIDS in Turkana (Matija Kovac/IRC, 2010)

I had a pleasure of working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Turkana, Kenya from June-August 2010. I was tasked with producing this best practice and lessons learned document on IRC’s HIV/AIDS program. I hope the document will serve its purpose: to demonstrate the great work the IRC is doing in the region. Download the document here! Alternatively you can also see the photo essay here.

The IRC’s performance in Turkana is really astonishing. The organization makes a tremendous effort in serving local and refugee communities with commitment, dignity and passion. The HIV/AIDS program is making a great impact in the region by raising awareness, providing high quality care, treatment and support services and fighting stigma. Compliments to everyone for their work, keep it up!

I would like to thank everyone who offered their assistance during this time – the IRC staff, implementing partners, friends from Turkana and everyone else I had the pleasure to meet during this time. With or without realizing it, you have all made this document come to life. Asante sana!

The IRC vehicle, surrounded by locals, in Kalokol.


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