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PMCs and UN Peacekeeping project concluded

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The main aim of this research was to explore the legal issues arising from the possible inclusion of Private Military Companies (PMC) as a military component of United Nations (UN) peacekeeping. The research takes a step forward and explores the legal implications, consequences and limitations if such a policy option were to be chosen, but it does not expressly argue in favour or against such an option. MORE

Published in the Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law, Vol. 13 (2009), 307-374.

“Looking for the Rainbow” video, Pod Nadzorom

Pod Nadzorom – “Looking for the Rainbow” (3:01, the Scream demo) – recorded in June 1998 in one take for some 60€, at Karli’s attic in one hour (photos by Nika; video compiled by Matija in January 2007).

Make it loud and enjoy our youth spirit! : )