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POD NADZOROM – The “Scream” demo (1998)

Once upon a time there was a grunge band called Pod nadzorom (i.e. under surveillance) – Matija  (guitar, vocals), Primoz (bass, back vocals), Karli (drums).

We were playing together for some two years.  I think we had some 4 or 5 gigs and we managed to record a demo of nine of our songs, called Scream (“Krik”).  It was recorded in June 1998 in one take for some 60€, at Karli’s attic. The songs can be listened below.

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun… Thank you, friends!

1. Zbudi se (2:36, Pod nadzorom) 
2. A’J TAK? (3:36, Pod nadzorom)
3. Looking for the Rainbow (3:01, Pod nadzorom)
4. Nesmrtni spev (2:20, Pod nadzorom)
5. Rešitelji vstopite (2:29, Pod nadzorom)
6. Dej kesh! (2:39, Pod nadzorom)
7. Zaklad (3:05, Pod nadzorom)
8. Uživaj dan (3:31, Pod nadzorom)
9. Past (instrumental) (2:39, Pod nadzorom)

Photography I

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